"Every week I drive from Uki (near Murwillumbah in NSW) to Brisbane to attend acting classes at Wild Child Acting & Dance Studios. The journey takes me approximately one and a half hours each way, and as a single mother, I sometimes find it extremely difficult to manage the costs and time involved in meeting this commitment. However, I personally feel that it is worth the effort to pursue my acting career with Philip Jones because he is a rare agent / teacher who is genuinely committed to developing his actor / students skills to ensure that they are able to deliver a professional performance when required. Consequently, his acting classes are affordable, inspirational and challenging, and are aimed at preparing actors for realistic careers, if they so choose. Therefore, despite my personal difficulties, I will continue to make this journey at least once a week in my pursuit of excellence."
- Katya Skorik
Kyogle Rd, Uki

"I love the way you only send us the best people for the job. Thanks so much."
- Ben Parkinson
Ben Parkinson Casting

"I'll come dance there anytime!"
- Wade Robson
Choreographer, Director, Music Producer  www.waderobson.com

"Just wanted to congratulate you both on a spectacular evening. Marilyn and I were so impressed with the calibre of talent and the high standard of the performances. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and in the process saw many people that we would love to consider for future castings and we look forward to seeing them in the near future.  Thank you also to everyone for looking after us so well. We really were made to feel like royalty (I could get used to this). We were touched by all the efforts everyone went to in making us feel welcome.  Once again, congratulations on such a successful night. It was terrific to witness Wild Child in action. I can understand how you have earned such a good reputation in this industry. Well Deserved!"
- Damien Anthony Rossi
Rossi Casting Group

"Just wanted to say a quick CONGRATULATIONS, BRAVO and THANK YOU from both myself and Marilyn for a wonderful evening of entertainment. Your kids have once again excelled with their talent and professionalism. The concerts seem to get better and better each year. I really think you guys should think about moving to Vegas and manage the entertainment for all the hotels there!"
- Damien Anthony Rossi
Rossi Casting Group

"The performances of all students of the Wild Child School were absolutely delightful and a great crowd pleaser and I would like to congratulate you and your staff on a well-disciplined, beautifully presented group of children who were not only talented but enthusiastic."
- Christie Allison
Marketing Co-ordinator
Logan Hyperdome

"There are two things we must tell you: Firstly, THANK YOU for playing such an important role in our January School Holiday Entertainment Line-up; and secondly, CONGRATULATIONS on such an exceptional performance by all of your talent.
Philip, your playscript was fantastic and could even even get a good review from the beloved Alison Coates of the Courier Mail!! And Julie, your dancers were (like always) world-class. We hope that your talent gained a lot from their experience and exposure during this week.
Julie and Philip, we look forward to continuing the relationship between Wild Child and Hyperdome in the future and once again - BRAVO!!! ENCORE!!!!"

- Angela Samut
Advertising & Promotions Manager
Logan Hyperdome

"Miss Julie, I loved every minute of my time at Wild Child. It is an awesome school that has a big future. Thanks for teaching me for six years and making me the dancer I am today.
Philip, while I've only been doing drama for three years, I feel I have come a long way. Boy, there were some great laughs in drama throughout all the great exercises and scenes we have covered. Its such an open and carefree learning environment, it really helps people to let go and give a scene their best shot. Thank you also for giving me the chance to be in ads, videos and part of a strongly growing agency."

- Michael Roache
Past Student

"I have recently discovered that I am a very confident person, I find that I can talk to people easily and openly, and I think that has a lot to do with drama. I have always loved coming to drama, I live it and breathe it, both at Wild Child and at school. I have received heaps of performing arts awards at school and it is all because of you. I love your style of play-writing! Eat your heart out William Shakespere! There is no other play I would rather act in than a Phil Play!"
- Jasmine Williams
Past Student

"The persistence, patience and enthusiasm shown by your dancers under very difficult circumstances is to be highly commended. Your dancers performed and behaved extremely professionally, and I sincerely thank them all for their dedication and hard work."
- Madeleine McCormack
Mary Lopez Productions

"Everything I achieve through dancing and teaching is a reflection of what you have taught me to be. I wouldn't be the dancer that I am today if it wasn't for you."
- Sharlene Ponzo
Past Student / Teacher