Wild Child Studios accepts students from the age of 3 to adult. We have classes tailored to suit various levels - Beginner / Fun classes to Advanced / Eisteddfod & Performance Group classes.

Wild Child Studios teaches a variety of dance styles including commercial jazz, tap, pop, hip hop, contemporary, and classical ballet. We also offer Pilates and singing classes.

Examination Classes are offered in Commercial Jazz, Tap, and Classical Ballet through the F.A.T.D. and R.A.D. Syllabi. Wild Child Studios encourages students to participate in examinations as these classes are essential for developing the highest standards in technique, flexibility, strength, and confidence. F.A.T.D. is fully accredited in Queensland.

For aspiring dance teachers, we offer Teacher's Classes, which are based on F.A.T.D.'s Elementary Exam. This exam allows students to become qualified dance teachers. To learn more about F.A.T.D. (The Federal Association Teachers of Dance), visit the 'F.A.T.D.' page on our website.

For information about WILD CHILD'S TEACHERS, visit the 'ABOUT US' page.

Below is an outline of each dance style offered at our Studios:

Modern Jazz is a fast paced style which incorporates many jumps, kicks, turns, and leaps. Strong emphasis is placed on technique, flexibility, strength, and co-ordination. Modern Jazz, also known as Pop Jazz, dance isn't generally performed to Jazz music, but rather to Pop music. Wild Child's Modern Jazz classes are a fusion of modern jazz, pop/funk, and hip hop.

Tap is a form of dance in which syncopated rhythms are created by the feet using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor. The aim of tap dancing is to produce clear, clean sounds, with various levels of tone. Tap dancing develops and enhances rhythm, musicality, timing and precision, and is also great for co-ordination.

Hip Hop is a hard-hitting, rhythmic dance style involving isolations and very grounded movements. The style is kept quite loose so that moves can alternate between riding through the beat or hitting the beat. Musicality is key in hip hop, as well as how sensitive movements are to the music. This high energy dance style is a great way for students to challenge themselves with more style in their execution. Hip Hop dancing is often seen in video clips by music artists such as Usher, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake.

Contemporary dance is a style involving various techniques from modern dance, jazz and ballet. Contemporary is usually choreographed through interpretation of music, expressions and emotions. A strong connection with the music is important. Contemporary dance can involve movements which are outside the realm of any dance technique. These moves can be graceful and fluid, and also strong, precise, and sharp. This style of dance is very popular on the TV show 'So You Think You Can Dance.'

Classical Ballet is the most technical of all dance styles, and is also the most important. It teaches and develops posture, grace, control, turn-out, strength, and balance, while giving students a strong knowledge of technique and correct technical placement of Classical Ballet. Ballet has been referred to as the 'backbone of dance' as its training is highly recommended to help with all areas of dance. Classical Ballet classes are also excellent for toning and strengthening the dancer's body.

Slow Modern, also known as Lyrical dance, is a fusion of ballet with modern jazz dance techniques. The style of quite soft and expressive, subtle and dynamic, as routines are based around feeling and emotion. A strong, ballet-based technique is essential for this style of dance. The importance in Slow Modern / Lyrical dance is the connectivity of movement, flowing quite seamlessly from one move to the next.

Pre Primary classes are offered in Modern Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet. These classes introduce students to the beginnings of these styles and will teach basic technique through F.A.T.D.'s syllabus work with structured choreographed routines. F.A.T.D. classes are geared at preparing students for examinations which conducted yearly.

Primary to Level 5 classes are offered in Modern Jazz, Tap, and Classical Ballet. These classes are designed to develop the dancer's strength, flexibility, correct technique, and build confidence in all areas of dance and performance work. F.A.T.D. classes are geared at preparing students for examinations which conducted yearly.

Star Grade examination classes (Bronze, Silver & Gold) are aimed at providing assistance with the education of various dance styles including jazz, modern, hip hop, tap, and classical ballet. The syllabus work is designed to develop the highest standards in technique, flexibility, strength, and confidence. F.A.T.D. classes are geared towards preparing students for examinations which are conducted yearly. Students currently studying Year 11 and 12 are able to add their F.A.T.D. examination results to their OP score, as F.A.T.D. is fully accredited in Queensland.